Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Just dropped by

For some reason this year blogging is just not my thing to do daily anymore. I spend a lot of time rewriting some of my old books and writing new ones. They are in editing and may someday make their way to you. The rest of my time is spent doing volunteer work at the Eagles, "People helping People" where as being President for a couple of years now I guess I'm going to run for a third year at my local chapter #3455. This will not slow down my writing since I am retired now. Not working a regular job that is.  Now back to my writing. I am just about finished rewriting my book "T.T. Gristman/Time Traveler". My first western "Saddle Spur" was not finished editing in time for Christmas last year but should be out by fall if I get off my ass and push the editor to get it edited. Since I was concentrating on the rewrite, my editor has pushed it to the back burner. There is so many books coming out in print that I haven't had the heart to push. It is hard to believe how many books are published each day. Sometimes I feel I'm drowning in a tidal wave of competition by not pushing my books. I took several out of print; you may have noticed. One was because I didn't like the publisher and planning on rewriting them before publishing them myself. If you went to my Amazon page you will notice they are not available anymore. I have to level with you, my first books were not as good as they could be, I concentrated on telling the story and not on showing the story. Some people like it but most did not. For speed readers they were great, they could zip right thru them and not lose the story line but for the regular reader that wants to get drawn into the story, they suck. I will try to blog more often but the elections at the Eagles are in four weeks from now, if elected it will cut bck my time somewhat more. Anyway, Talk Back. I'll try to listen. Have a great day!  

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

First post of 2018-I screwed up

I can't believe it is February already and this is my first post of the year. I have been so busy rewriting one of my earlier books. Even though I  published  "T.T. Gristman" a few years ago. I decided to revisit the story to see why it didn't sell. I understand why the readers didn't really get interested in the story; so like all writers I decided it was good enough book it just needed a little tweaking and rewriting. Since I have so many books waiting to be finally edited, I chose to rewrite the story instead and rename it "T.T. Gristman/ Time Traveler" I think the readers will enjoy the rewritten YA story. Still awaiting editing of my story "Saddle Spur" my first western. My editor is having a rough time making time to edit. I know I have a tendency to have word fits as my editor calls it, this slows the process down. I have a couple of other books ready to join the list of books to be edited. As a writer, I can't seem to stop working. I just wish I would remember to blog once in a while so my readers know what is going on in my world. Once you start on a book, it is hard to do other things with the story rolling around in your head demanding attention everyday. Do any of you other writers have this problem?  I know I need to spend more time on the computer not just writing books but communicating to the world. I decided since I have never written a best seller that I should not call myself an author, just a writer, Hopefully by the time I leave this world, someone will pick up one of my books and spread the word to others.  Being old enough to retire, I know the clock is ticking so I won't be here forever but I would love to write just one story that hits the top 10 charts. Anyway, I have typed enough for tonight. Talk back and remember I'm always listing. Have a great week!

Monday, December 18, 2017

The busiest of time

It is the time of the year when a writer is in a hurry to finish up the story and try to get it published in time for Christmas. As usual , I didn't make it with my latest book not even the revised "T.T. Gristman-Time Traveler" wasn't ready for sale by Christmas. Only the original version is available. The reason for the revision was because when I started writing/publishing, I thought that telling the story was the key thing to writing but I have learn that showing-not telling was the proper way to get the reader hooked into the story. We all have to learn and improve as they go. Me, when I first moved up into management, I was not one of those that came straight out of college and into a career filled with book learning and no common sense (Work Experience). I learn as I progressed up into management. I did go back to college when I discovered that I needed to know more. This put me on equal footing with those straight out of college with one exception; I knew how the real world turned. In work as in writing, you learn from the best by observing the top in the group and understanding why they are in the top; what got them there. I have applied what I learned working, to my writing. Each of us end up with their own style that is a blend of experience and knowledge of things we have been exposed to in life. Copying another writer does not give you the success you seek because you won't stand out and create your own niche in this vast world of writing. Riding on another writer's coattail has limited benefits if at all. Stretch yourself to find you who you are and do what you enjoy. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year if you don't hear from me until next year. Talk back, I'm listening as always. Have a great day.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

My writing has slowed down-way down this week

Normally, I work on one of my active books a little or a lot each day but right now, I can't decide on which one to work on. I have been so busy with my volunteer work at the Eagles that I just can't sit down and write right now, not even blog. (That is why they are so sporadic anymore). When I do finally sit down at the computer to write, I have three stories floating around in my head. The rewrite of "T.T. Gristman"/time traveler story. The writing of "In Brad's eyes" which is also a rewrite of Lightning in the Tunnel/In the Beginning" or the writing of "Saddle Spur". I have to be careful in my writing or rewriting I don't mix of the story especially the main characters name. I was rewriting T.T. and started using John from Saddle Spur as Tee's name. That forced me t go back and make sure I didn't do it anywhere else in the story. I don't think I screwed up anything "In Brad's Eyes" but I need to check this. Normally this would never happen but I have so many things on my mind that it gets cluttered every once in a while. I usually work on two or three books at a time and had no problems that my editor didn't catch. Saddle Spur is ninety-nine percent complete with the exception of being edited, again. After this week, things should get back to normal except for Thanksgiving looming on the horizon meaning I will be away from the computer a lot more than I like. Anyway, this is what is happening in my world. What is going on in yours?

Talk back, I'm listening as always. Have a great day. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Digging deep into the story line

When a writer finishes the second draft, it is time to read slowly and dig into the story line to determine the holes that might exist in the story. It is time also to ask yourself is the character believable along with being consistent with himself? Does he change back and forth as the story progresses?  I know my Character John Strum in "Saddle Spur"goes from being a naive young man to a harden young man but is consistent in keeping his word even when he really would not like to keep it. John believes his word is bond and has to die to get out of his wedding vows becoming another person. I believe that the turmoil inside John is accurately portrayed in the book especially when his wife tries to kill him to get out of the marriage. He just couldn't bring himself to shoot back at her.
    When a writer is able to convey his emotions; you know it is a good book even written in the third person. Do you agree? Talk back, I'm listening as always. I would like you take on this subject. Have a great day.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Time to take a deep breath

There comes a time in every unknown writers life that they must reassess their earlier writing. When I first started writing, I thought it was more important to tell the story. That was why my earlier books didn't sell well along with paying for editing that was shit work. I didn't know any better and kept cranking out books trying to tell the whole story on Lightning in the Tunnel series. So I took a deep breath after re-reading the series and withdrew them from the market. So unless the bookstore has a copy of Lightning in the Tunnel-In the Beginning, Zigzagging Home, the Journey Continues, A place Called Terra, and Terra Reigns you are out of luck at getting one. I plan to rewrite the first one because I believe it would be a great read with proper editing and writing with the skills I have acquired to make it better. I wrote the first one over a twenty year period but I didn't know what an author had to do to get it published. I rewrote it just before having it paid to be published. Still I was no writer and paying for an expensive editor did not do my book justice. The first thing that caught my attention making me re-read it was the first paragraph was two pages long and you couldn't tell where the characters were talking and where I was telling the story. I didn't re-read it just before publishing because I listened to it on an audio version and it sounded right (my fault). Between Blogging and Reviewing others books. I believe I have learned to write where it will catch the reader's attention and hold it through out the book. I'm currently re-reading other books on mine and will revise them in time. Since I can't stop writing it will be a slow process but I plan to rewrite the first time travel story called "T.T. Gristman" and a Stranger Comes Crawling" my first alien story. I don't know if other unknowns writers go thru this in their career but I reached the point where I didn't like my earlier books even those with a good story. Talk back; I'm listening as always. Have a great day!   

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Finding yourself even hiding under a rock.

With so much going on in the world, you feel like hiding under a rock and hope it all blows over and doesn't effect you. I have tried hiding under a rock by writing books but every now and then something happens to bring me back to reality. Do you recall the days of duck and cover that you had to do as a kid in school? Now we know that was just a false sense of security that we had that if a nuclear bomb hit we would survive by ducking and covering. One thing we have learned as a species is how to recover from most disasters quickly but until you have no water to drink, no food to eat, see your children starving to death, you have no concept of how bad things can get when nature or man does something horrible. Everyone expects the horrible things to happen to someone else, not to them. When I first wrote my Lightning in the Tunnel series, it was at the height of the cold war. I wrote a story of a person surviving a nuclear attack.That person was me even though I gave him another name and another family. I always assumed I would be one of those surviving a nuclear attack while living in Los Angeles. Now, that I am older and wiser (I hope), I'm not sure if I would want to survive if World War Three came about. Finding drinkable water, uncontaminated food and struggling to hold on to it with others desperate for the same resources. Every expects the government to come to their aid but what if  there is no one to come to your aid? The government could be so wrapped up in fighting a war or wiped out themselves, how would you survive?  I know we have been on the brink many times of destroying ourselves and pulled back at the last moment when cooler heads prevailed. When President Trump was elected, I hoped he would calm down and forget his ego being the President of America. His actions has assured me that he has not. President Kim Jung Yu is a blow hard and a spoiled kid playing with our lives. He should know that pushing America into war is a lose-lose situation for him but I think he knows he can push our buttons to get a better deal from America. He must not be very smart taunting a bully like President Trump. He will only get a punch in his face or still find himself among the dead. Now that I have said my piece I will shut up and hope for the best, not for my children but for my grand children. They deserve a chance to make this a better world for all humans, animals and creatures that occupy this place we call "Earth" Talk back, I'm listening as always. Have a great day!